Building Bridges by social media-teen exchange-Lemi-Finland


3 countries (Finland, Greece and Italy), 30 youngsters and 6 leaders participate in a youth exchange in this beautiful place Lemi in Finland: The project is financed by Erasmus+ programme

The participants are planning to present their experience during all the days.

1st day: 01/09/2017

During the first day of the Youth Exchange programme, we met each other Greek, Italian, and Finnish people and  we participated in a lot of fun and exciting activities. We played name games, we participated in team building activities (like robot game), we shared our fears and expectations for this youth exchange and we talked about the hate speech, the causes, the results, the feelings between the hater and the victim and the general psychological impact. We also made up our own rules in order to be able to cooperate better. We found ourselves having lunch at the local school and then we had time to relax. Afterwards, 5 mixed groups were created, in order to work more efficiently. Later, the Finnish team cooked for us traditional salmon soup and after that we had a great time by playing some traditional Finnish games.

The activities helped us develop and to create bonds between us. Also, we learned a lot about ourselves and the other participants.  Our overall bonding and cooperation was better than expected . Every national group had a great time and we are sure that by the end of the week we will be an amazing team.




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2nd day: 02/09/2017

The second day begun and we found ourselves having a delicious breakfast in the main building followed by the “fruit game”. Then we went out for the “Amazing Race” where we explored Lemi with the help from our Finnish friends, while at the same time we discovered new places and met with local people. After our traditional Finnish dinner, we played the music chairs’ game and we waited for the local families to pick us up. They hosted us in their homes where we had sauna, picked up mushrooms, tasted their local cuisine, discussed, etc.

We all felt grateful for meeting new people and being a part of the big family of the Youth Exchange Program. We experienced the hospitality and kindness of local people and learned about their culture. Altogether, we learned that if we try hard we can communicate with each other and express ourselves. It is sure that when we return back home we will have amazing memories thanks to everybody.


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3rd day: 04/09/2017

In the 3rd day of the program we found ourselves having breakfast at the main building and then the Italian team gave us a lot of energy with the “napkin” game. Afterwards we had to come up with ideas about No Hate Speech movement and we created our motto “SPEAK TO HATERS, MAKE THEM LOVERS” which we wrote down to our new T-shirts. After lunch, we visited the elderly house where we sang, danced and talked to the people there. Back at the main building, we cooperated in groups of 4 in order to present a drama play about human rights. We discussed about the human rights, we learnt new ones that we didn’t know that exist (right to play, freedom to move right) At night, it was the Italian night where we tasted traditional food and danced a lot.

We think that it was really nice to spend time with older people, we danced and sang with them and learned about bullying and hate speech in their generation. The highlight was the Italian night where we all had a really good time as we danced and got to know each other better. It was a wonderful day!!!


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4rth day:05/09/2017

  1. Hate me once

Love me twice

Everybody has to be nice

You can’t just hate me

You have to love me too

I’m only a human

Just like you

Come with me and make me proud

Scream #nohatespeech loud

Let’s fight against hate speech

And make more people rich

Hating others is like a disease

So make it stop and change it please

We all live under the same skies

So let’s give the people equal rights

  1. We came to Finland for a Youth Exchange

Our minds about hate speech to change

Discuss about human rights

To save many people’s lives

We witnessed bullying with our own eyes

And understood that it isn’t nice

In Finland even summers are cold

But the food is nice and warm

We met awesome people, had lots of fun

And learned how to respect the different ones

We danced with Merja all night

And realized that fighting hate speech is right

Our name is “The Beautiful Ones”

And haters against us don’t stand a chance

  1. We were in the sun

We had fun

We made jokes

We did laugh

The city was nice

We drunk water with ice

The strangers focused on our eyes

We made them crystalize

We have many ideas

We look like Cameron Diaz

We turned off the light

And we partied all the night

  1. Hugs were nice

Food was good

Throw a dice

We’re still in childhood

We learned a lot

About our world

Let’s make it better

With a love letter



We went to eat breakfast very very fast

Pollo Giovanni was a blast.

We went out and it was too sunny

take step forward was very funny.

We talked about hate speech and ate some peach,

we went to the lake to see the «beach»

Hugging was easy and it was hard

then we ate at the park.

Eating at Tang capital was ver nice

some people even took the same meal twice!

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